Looking for something? Check this out!!

Ever had some information you were looking for and after trying to search on the web for hours, you still can't find it?  Here are some suggestions that might be of more help. 


When you click on this link you will find different categories of information for resources.  You will find the some of these items for your aid on the right is a list of catalogs for you to search for books, audio, and video formats. 

On the left is another list. (see below) Each of these has a breakdown of web sites to search for your information.

Subject Guides

Automotive & Small Engine 
Business & Investments
Consumer Information 
Employment Help Center 
Environment & Science
Health & Medical
Homework Help
Music, Movies
   & Entertainment 
News & Newspapers

Then of course if you still can't find what you are looking for or you want more, you can call us(715-228-2530), stop in(155 Front Street),

or use Ask A Librarian - 24/7 service.  You choose, what ever fills your needs best.